Hiking Solo

Pema Chodron in one of her books mentions Ishi, a Native American. Ishi, lived in the forest his whole life and one day turned up at the gates of civilization, naked and alone. An anthropologist’s dream, he responded the following way to the renowned anthropologist Alfred Kroeber who asked him how he got on a… Read More Hiking Solo


Taste of Crete

When it comes to eating out in Central New Jersey, a polyglot neighborhood filled with shops, restaurants, all neat and tidy, serving eclectic gourmet-style portions is NOT what the mind conjures.


Rasam Powder

  There are as many varieties of rasam as there are people. It’s true only because, in all my years, I have never tasted two rasams that are alike.


A Salute to Creativity

My dad has preserved about 40 of his paintings, some of which he began during mid 1970s, pursuing it chiefly as a hobby to occupy his spare time in a enjoyable and productive way. Before his foray into painting, my dad was naturally inclined to draw cartoons, especially being inspired by the works of R.… Read More A Salute to Creativity


Eastern Bluebird

The eye gets drawn to any color in this bleak winter landscape. So, when I looked up from my kitchen window and saw this feathered delight, my mind, racing at a 1000 miles per hour went from perceiving colors on the bird’s feather, to the camera that lay on the dining table, to the powerful… Read More Eastern Bluebird


Perspective with Gouache

I restarted my painting classes this weekend, after a two-year hiatus. Needless to say, during that time, my sketches have been few and far between. For about a month, I did assignments from a book called “Complete Drawing Course” that my teacher, Heather Barros, recommended. These were nothing significant or complete, just simple objects to… Read More Perspective with Gouache


Gnocchi Primavera

An elegantly portioned bowl of creamy-saucy pasta’s ability to draw forth my drool is both amazing and highly distressing. Food ought not to tempt humans in such a deep, insidious, foxy way.