Hi, my name is Dishaa and I am, among a few things, a fun and food lover. A friend once told me, “…it is dangerous to suppress an instinct…” (we were talking about the harmless variety), so I decided to use this blog as a way to express/write about my everyday reflections and food forays.

Live in the Moment is not an expression of whimsical, impulsive living, but rather an expression of being free and open-minded enough to accept whatever happens at any given moment, without imposing my perceptions and worldviews on events and people. At least, that is my goal. I hope, therefore, this webpage reminds me of that goal.

In Chronicles I write about things that inspire/teach me, makes me want to run away (which is why I constantly need the above reminder), or get gung-ho about life. This could be anything from the mundane to the sublime. It could be about my current work life, living with my husband near serene Princeton, New Jersey amid all the changing seasons and constant flux, or my wonderful childhood in a village in Karnataka, India, where I spent warm summer days loitering with all colony kids, laughing over my dad’s jokes, and discerning different music genres (from heavy metal to pop) with my older brother – grand ol’ times when probably my only worry was “What’s cooking for dinner?

Speaking of cooking, my initial thought about having a blog about food was, “Who wants another food blog?”. Especially when there are such amazing ones out there. But then, my own necessity came to the fore. So, in Cooking, my intention is to record all the recipes from my mom (since I cannot afford not to know ingredients in her rasam powder!!) and some from my mother-in-law. I have used Pioneer Woman’s step-by-step approach for some of the recipes. It’s really a storehouse containing generational recipes (some even from their mothers) that I am writing for posterity.  In addition, I have to excuse myself when I get thoroughly inspired to cook and share a smattering of Italian, Mexican, Chinese, or some other cuisine. Since after all, suppressing is dangerous, especially when it comes to matters concerning the stomach! 🙂

Thank you for stopping by and hope you enjoy reading!

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